Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My first experience to join in ashram school at kotgul in Gadchiroli.


In1989, I completed my BA. Eng literature and applied a job in Adiwasi area. Luckily, i was selected  as assistant teacher at kotgul. this place was new for me and far away from my native place.but i made up my mind to join the service which was without bribe i started my journey before day, went to Gadchiroli. but the next was very interior i went to dhanora with my friend's help and haulted there.from there was not any travelling  vhichal.assuring one owner,i hired a cycle and started my journey to kotgul. the area was sorrounded with forest at least fifty k.m. as i was going  so many cavenger and wild animals were passing my way but without detering my mind i was on my way some adiwasi people were on my way ,they frightened seeing me  the rain was falling on my head any how i reached the school.the headmaster wondered and asked how did i come to school.that was a memorable experience for me in my life.I never forgot it.