Saturday, 5 October 2013

Letter from Indira Gandhi to kids. 6.3 A Letter From Indira Gandhi

Dear Children,
     India is not just the land, mountains and rivers. India is you and me, all the millions of young and old who are her citizens. The thoughts and actions of the people who have inhabited India for thousands of years have moulded our society. Out of the past grows the present and what we do today will shape our future.
     When we build a road and plant a tree or inculcate good habits, it is not for ourselves alone but also for those who will be born in the years to come. The work of building is not easy. We must give it all we have and strain every nerve and muscle. It is only by trying that we learn and by doing that we gather strength. All the world over, progress has been possible because of the hard work and sacrifice of pioneers.
     These 25 years have laid the foundation of the new modern India. The children of today must continue this work and make our country united and strong. Anything which is easy soon becomes dull. The very hardships we face, provide challenge and excitement.
     The future is calling you. Don’t be disheartened by difficulties. you can change the bad, not only by doing big things but by trying your best to do even ordinary things extraordinarily well.
Indira Gandhi

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