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Shanta Shelake.

Shanta Shelke

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Shanta Shelke
Born 19 Oct 1922
Died 6 June 2002 (aged 79)
Shanta Janardan Shelke (Marathi: शान्ता शेळके) (born October 19, 1922; died June 6, 2002) was a Marathi poet and writer. Apart from this, she was a journalist, a professor, a composer, a story writer, a translator, a writer of child literature, someone who presided over literary gatherings, and more.
Some of her compositions became immortal either as stand-alone poetic works or as songs sung by Marathi greats like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale and Kishori Amonkar, to name a few.


Shanta Shelke was born in Indapur, Pune. She was educated in Pune's Sir Parshurambhau College (S. P. College). She completed her M.A. in Marathi and Sanskrit and stood first in Bombay University. During this time, she also won the Na. Chi. Kelkar and Chiplunkar awards.
She spent 5 years working as assistant editor of the weekly Navyug run by Acharya Atre. She then moved to Nagpur to work as a professor of Marathi in Hislop College, Nagpur. She retired after long service from Dayanand College, Mumbai and settled in Pune.
During her working career in Mumbai, she also served in

Her work

She contributed extensively to Marathi literature in the form of poems, stories, novels, character sketches, interviews, critiques, introductions, etc. She also helped translate English cinema and wrote for newspaper columns.

News paper columns

Some such newspaper columns were later converted into books. Examples include:
  • Ek pani (एक पानी)
    • Translation: Single pager
  • Madarangi (मदरंगी)
  • Janta Ajanata (जाणता अजाणता)
    • Translation: Knowning Unknowingly

Lalit Literature

She also produced lalit literature like
  • Anandache Jhad (आनंदाचे झाड)
    • Translation: The tree of happiness
  • Pavsaadhicha Paus (पावसाआधीचा पाउस)
    • Translation:The rain before the rains
  • Sansmarane (संस्मरणे)
    • Translation:Memories
  • DhoolPati (धूळपाटी) - an introspective autobiography.
  • Avad Nivad (आवड निवड)
    • Translation: Likes dislikes
  • Vadildhari Manase (वडीलधारी माणसे) - a collection of character sketches.
  • Translation: Father figures


She penned novels like:
  • Odh (ओढ)
  • Dharma (धर्म)
  • Punarjanma (पुनर्जन्म)
  • Chikkhaldrayancha Mantrik (चिखलदर्यांचा मांत्रिक)
  • Nararakshas (नरराक्शस)
  • Bhishanchaya (भीषण छाया)
  • Majha Khel Mandu De (माझा खेळ मांडू दे)
  • Vijhti Jyot (विझती ज्योत)

Poetical and song collections

Though children's literature was her favourite subject, she gained popularity as a poetess and music composer. Some of her famous song collections include:

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