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9th-std-difficult words

One inch Tall
worm-a small,thin,long creature with no legs or bones.
Crumb-a very small piece of dry food.
Flea-a small jumping insect that bites and sucks blood.
Beast-a large or dangerous animal.
Fluff-a small piece of wool or cotton.
Thimble-a small metal or plastic object to wear on the 
Surf-to ride on waves as a sport.
Sink-a large open container in the kitchen vessels.
The lighter way of life   laughter
Sales representative-a person who is appointed to sale
Administrative-relative organisation of a business.
Antique-very old ,ancient.
Genie-a spirit with magic power lives in bottle.
Speedboat-a motorboat that 
Relaxing-living comfortably.
Poof-expression used to suggest sudden appearance or
City slicker-a person living in a big city.
Several-more than two or three.
Cut off-made shorter.
Politician-a person who works in politics.
Demonstrate-to prove.
Caring-feeling or showing care.
Inmates-the persons living in
Warden-Here,a person who has the charge of prison.
Mess-a room where prisoners eat their  meals.
Duty conscious-having feeling or knowledge of duty.
1.3  The tiger and the dried persimmons
Persimmon-a soft orange coloured fruit that looks like a 
Tremble-shake slightly because nervous or fear.
Desperately-very much.
Flickering-shining frequently
Pay no heed-pay no attention
Crouch down-put            your body close to the ground.
Muttered-said something in low,difficult to hear.
creature-anything that is living.
Deuce-a word that show anger.
Taken aback-shocked or surprised.
Drooping-bending or moving downwards.
Seized-took in hand using force.
Relieved-removed un unpleasant feeling or pain.
2.1  unit two     A world of Machines
Tragedy-a very sad situation or event.
Voicemail-an electronic system that stores messages.
Fax machine-a special machine that sends documents.
Website-a place connected to the internet.
Galore-in plenty.
Survive-continue to live or exist.
Menu-list of possible choices.
Get back to basics-get back to simple or most ideas.
Cold metal box-a computer without emotions.
Commune-share emotions without speaking. 
2.2 Yummy but harmful!
Yummy-good to eat,delicious.
Harmful-causing damage to persons health
permissible-acceptable according to the law.
Salivate-produce more saliva in your mouth.
Dye-a substance that change colour
Toxicology-study of poisons.
Are flooded with-are available in large numbers.
Consumed-eaten or drunk.
Candy floss-a type of sweet,served on a stick.
Branded-made by well-known company.
Beverages-drinks other than water.
Mouth freshners-things that makes the mouth clean.
Exceed-to be greater than a particular amount.
Intake-the amount of food that you take your body.
Prescribed-decided by rule or law.
Additive-a substance that mix in food to give colour.
Containments-the acts of keepimg in control.
Reputed-very famous.
Flouters-having no respect for law.
prohibited-not allowd by law.
Respectively-as per order mentioned
Tartrazine-yellow colour.
Irritability-the state of getting annoyed.
Neuroscience-the science deals structure of brain.
Neurotoxic-affecting nervous systet
Impair-damage or weaken.
Follow-up   -to take further action.
regulate-to control by using laws or rules.
Nutrition-the science that deals with healthy food.
2.3  What is Internet?
Potential-qualities that exist and can be developed.
Contraction-short form.
Communication-the act of sharing exchanging ideas.
Server-supplies information to several computer.
Access-a way of entering .
Cable-a set of          electric wires.
Dedicated-used particular purpose only.
Geteway-a means of getting.
PC-personal computer.
CPU-central processing unit.
UPS-uninterrupted power supply.
CD-compact disc.
DVD-digital versatile (video)disc.
VCD-video compact disc.
USB-universal serial bus.
Internet-a computer system that exchange information
Electronic mail-the mail sent through computer.
Interchangeably-can be exchanged.
Unique-being the only one of this type.
Browser-a computer programme to look words ,picture
Web page-the documents connected to the web.
Accessible-easy to approach.
Unit - 3  Environment
3.1        Growth of a tree
Maple-a tree grown for timber.
Be way up-move regularly to higher position.
Altitude-height above the sea level.
Bark-the hard outer covering of a tree.
Fall-the season of a year trees lose their leaves,sharad.
Spring-the leaves on plants begin to grow ,wasant.
3.2   why the evergreen trees never lose its leaves.
Berries-small soft fruits with seeds.
Birch tree-a small with smooth thin branches.
Oak tree-a large tree with hard wood and bitter fruits.
Boughs-large branches coming from trunk of tree.
Springtime-season between winter and summer.
Acorn-nut of the oak tree.
Willow tree-a kind of tree with tiny easily-bent branch.
Spruce tree-a kind of fir tree.
Thickest-having strong heavy body.
Pine tree-evergreen tree with needle like leaves.
Frolic-play and move around in a lively happy mood.
3.3    Meeting an Elephant
Tusker-a large elephant with tusks.
Womb-where a baby grows before it is born.
Gestation period-the period of time a baby develops.
Mammals-the animals that feed their babies from breast
Enormous-very big.
Tusk-pointed cuurled tooth of an elephant.
Vegetarian-a person who does not eat meat.
Gregariously-in a way of living in groups.
Devastated-that is completely destroyed.
Unbelievable-that cannot be believed
Predator-an animal that kills and eats other animals.
Prey-an animal that is killed  by another animal.
Ivory-the hard white substance makes elephants tusks.
Fascinate-attract,somebody very much.
Persecuted-treated in a cruel way.
Poacher-a person who hunts animals illegally.
Massacre-kill people in a cruelly, large numbers
Imbalance-absence of balance.
Extinction-situation,an animal stops exisiting.
Inhabited-lived in a particular place.
Existence-the state of living.
Habitat-the place where a particular animal is found.
Stronghold-a place that is very difficult to attack.
Sole survivors-th animals saved from difficult,and living.
Shrunk-made or became smaller.
varied-having many different kinds.
Ancestors-family members lived a long time before.
Roam-travelled without any particular aim.
Intersected-met or crossed each other.
Fragments-small pieces that come from large.
Poaching-act of hunting animals illegally.
4.1    A Teacher for All Seasons.
Nurture-look after and protect while growing.
Sprout-a new part that grows on a plant or tree.
Sunny-cheerful and happy .
Temperament-a persons character affects way he feels.
Discontent-the state of being unhappy.
Crisp-quick and clear.
Snowing hard-heavy snowfall.
Attitude-the way that you feel or behave.
Gratitude-the feeling of being grateful.
4.2      The Sadhu of Modern India.
Sage-a wise man.
A mendicant-a person who lives by asking alms.
Renounce-formally say don,t to have something
Profound-very good.
Disciplinarian-a person who strictly observes discipline.
Armed with -necessary things for fighting.
Transformation-change of form.
Philistine-a person with rough fighting nature.
Despised-used to hate
Segregation-the act of separating people,different way.
Underprivileged-people have less money&opportunity.
Avidly-very eagerly.
Was awed-experienced feeling of respect &fear.
Adolescence-the period of between man &child.
Sojourn-temporary stay away from home.
Clients-who receives advice from professional person
Pittance-small amount receives as wages.
Life-defining--which explain nature of ones life.
Could not stomach--could not bear.
imprison--put somebody in prison, to arrest. 
aftermath-outcome,result of some bad event.
to shun -to avoid something.
downtrodden-who deprived of their rights.
celibacy-the state of remaining unmarried.
influenced- was very impressed
unconditionally--without putting any condition.
untouchable- person of lowest castes in indian.
vanquish  -defeat somebody completely.
part    -  2
the turning point-an important change takes place.
huddled- a person held arms and legs.
rags---piece of old,torn cloth.
recoiled-move quickly with fear.
maggots-larva,young insects before wings and legs.
self-loathing --strong feeling of hatred for oneself
irrevocable--that can not be changed.
extensively -----vastly
leprosy-a chronic disease affecting skin;tissues,nerves.
leper-a person infected with leprosy.
medication--treatment with drugs.
sustenance--providing needed in order to live or exist

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