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What is a tension headache?

Headache -- a condition so common it's the punch line for a number of jokes, but when you're experiencing a headache, it's no laughing matter. Why do people develop headache? What can be done to make the headache better? And, can anything be done to prevent the headache in the first place?
When most people discuss headache, they're typically referring to the most frequently experienced type of headache, a tension headache (also known as tension-type headache). Almost 50% of adults experienced a headache in the past year; fortunately, for the majority of those individuals, the headache was mild, short-lived, and likely fell into the category of tension headache.
Tension headache isn't limited to adults. Children and teens can experience tension headache as well, with as many as 15% of children having experienced tension headache by age 15. Females are diagnosed with about twice the number of tension headaches as males.

What causes tension headaches?

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The exact cause of tension headache isn't known; however, many factors probably play a role in why people develop headache. This can range from lack of sleep, to skipping meals, or an increased amount of stress (leading to a frequent description of these headaches as “stress headaches”). Underlying illness or eye strain can frequently cause headache. Muscular tension caused by poor posture, over exertion, or anxiety may also contribute.
In children, headache may be seen as a response to changes in school or home situations.
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