Monday, 13 January 2014


  In sakale vidhyalaya,Umakhed.several projects are implemented e
very year for all round development of students.They are uncountable.I don't want to mention but only say the teachers of sakale vidhyalaya have to work like  candles which burn themselves but give light to others.We know that success follows the able,bold and courageous.At the beginning,when I was appointed as assistant teacher,I came to know that there was a big gulf of fear in the mind of students about English.I always thought,We teachers taught them by taking manual labour but it was in vain.Therefore I started a project named" THAKARE'S FOUR TESTS ABOUT ENGLISH" 1995.under the guidance of late H.M. Mr.Pande sir.He co-operated me very well by taking teachers help.It was also resulted very good at the time being.Again Mr.Sakle sir benoviolent H.M.of Sakle school supported me for conducting this programme.He paid full attention by giving economical supportion sothat more students could take part in' TEFT' Hereafter,Mr.Mamidwar sir took the charge of H.M.definately I say,he played best role to conduct this programme in good extent.In this way last eighteen years,We have been implementing this project in our school to get the best result.After that Mr.Kulkarani sir and now Mr.Pramod Pande sir is co-operating me in same manner.In this project,I don't forget to mention the teachers who have been supported me In this year means,2014 at least{180} one hundred eighty students participated whole heartedly.I assure that students of 10th class must become well trained by practising this question papers In my opinion,they are capable to accept the challenge of the English paper at annual level.I think this step-by-step programme strengthens students grammar,builds their vocabulary and and updates their writing skill.I believed and assured that same project will be projected under the guidance of H.M which will score good marks at the time of board examination.In construction task,H.M. and Higher Authority have always behind the staff to guide in proper direction.I am very grateful to my teacher friends who are co-operated me every now then sothat sakle vidhyalaya is developing day by day through the implementation of various projects-----------THANKS A LOT.    BY   A.L.SAKHARE

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