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Vidur neeti



1. Sanat Kumara: He is the planetary Logos, the King that presides over the planetary evolution in general. He resides in the 2nd ether around our Globe in an ashram called to day as "Shambala" - originally known as "Shyama Bala", meaning the Blue boy. The ashram is hidden in the region of Gopi desert, originally known as "Gopi" meaning "The hidden".
The evolution of the planet is three fold - evolution of the beings, of the form of beings and of the social formations of the beings into tribes communities, groups, nations, their inter-relationships at various levels - social, cultural, economic, & spiritual. Sanat Kumara presides over such three fold evolution of the planet. He represents the spiritual will of the planet.
2. Lord Maitreya: He is the World Teacher that presides over all global teachings, writings and related activities that enlighten beings. He is the Teacher of the teachers and presides over the Hierarchy of teachers at the Global level. He resides in the caves of Kalapa-North Himalayan range.
3. Manu Vaivaswata: He is the Global Archetect that presides over formations of matter - mineral, plant, animal, human, semi-divine. His work is to evolve the moulds of forms (of the beings) that would contribute absorption of greater measure of light. He descends from the Universal Hierarchy of Viswakarma - the Great Architect of the Universe. He is the 7th of the Manus.
4. Mahachohan: He is the Global Chief of evolution of civilisations, economics, nations, societies, tribes, groups, communities etc., His work is to build healthy social order that tunes upto the spiritual will.
The Dhyani Buddhas are the conductors of messages as between the Planetary Logos and the three-fold Hierarchy.
We are thankful to Brother Detlev and Sister Barbara of Germany for their Co-operation in realising this book.
Vidura was the Chief Counsel in the Royal Court of the Blind King. He is an Initiate that knew the Law and advised the king untiringly and patiently. He is considered as the *Mahachohan in the Theosophical world. His teachings to the king are eternally valid. They are given in brief, culling out from the **Mahabharata.
*The chief of a Social Hierarchy of the trans-Himalayan mystics.
**The great epic composed by Veda Vyasa in 18 books. The Bhagavad Gita forms a part of it.

The man*
who is encountered by
an enemy more powerful than him,
the man who lost his wealth,
the man who is in lust for a woman,
and the man that desires to thieve,
cannot sleep.
They suffer from sleeplessness.
*In the ancient language, "man" means the human soul, the beings that work with mind, and hence it includes woman. It is an equivalent term for "human being".
The one who is not distant
to the knowledge of the self,
effectiveness in action,
and the link-up to the Law,
is the Knower.
The one
who does acts of goodwill,
does not other acts,
does not advocate atheism,
and does remain attentive (Sraddha),
is the Knower.
The one
who keeps at distance
uncontrollable anger,
excitement and unmannerliness,
is the Knower.
The one
who does more than he speaks,
does not give hint of his acts
and thoughts of goodwill,
and does enable others to know him
only through acts,
is the Knower.
The Knower
is undeterred
by fear, desire, riches,
poverty and weather,
in accomplishing his acts
of goodwill.
The Knower
sticks to the Law in the fields of
economics, family and society.
None of the three affects
his implicit obedience to the Law.
The Knower is one
who neglects not the trivials,
listens with care,
serves with love and knowledge,
serves not with desire,
speaks not unless asked,
and remains alert
in grasp of situations.
The Knower
does not desire the undesirable,
broods not over the loss,
and drops not wisdom
at times of adversity.
The Knower
is stable in will,
does not abandon any work half-way,
transcending the mind,
fulfils the purpose of life.
The Knower
gains the love and affection
of the righteous,
guards the welfare of the beings,
and grants splendour
to the surroundings.
The Knower
is not flattered by praise
and felicitations,
is not flattened by criticism
and opposition,
but flows evenly in gait
as a sacred river.
The Knower is one
who knows the nature
of the beings,
knows the plan
and the plan of action,
and also knows the skill
to accomplish the plan.
The one
whose speech flows like a stream,
who knows the worldly patterns,
who is capable of argument,
who is intuitive,
and holds scriptural knowledge,
is the Knower.
The one
whose actions demonstrate wisdom,
whose wisdom demonstrate action,
who is self-reliant, and
who does not confuse the Path,
is tile Knower.
The one
whose knowledge is incomplete,
who lives more in thought
and less in action,
who gathers wealth
through clandestine means,
is considered to be a fool.
The one
who abstains from self duty,
who engrosses in others' duties,
and who damages a friend's work,
is considered to be a fool.
The one
who entertains undesirable persons,
who neglects the desirable ones,
who opposes a stronger one,
is considered to be a fool.
The one
who dumps his work on others,
who doubts at events,
who delays action,
is a fool.
The one
who neglects the Pitris*
who worships not the Devas**
who ignores a friend,
is a fool.
* Pitris: lunar Devas.
** Deva: celestial being.
The one
Who presents himself uninvited,
who speaks unasked,
and who relies on the unreliable,
is a fool
The one
who shifts his mistakes onto others,
whose anger is uncontrollable,
and who mistakes persons,
is a fool.
The one
who aspires regardless capacity,
regardless desirability,
regardless effort,
and regardless possibility,
is the Fool of the fools.
The one
who commands those
who are not subordinates,
who makes approaches to others'
and who serves a miser,
is a fool.
The one
who gains wisdom,
wealth and social position,
and yet remains simple,
is the Knower.
The misdeeds of one
have a ripple effect
on the community.
The community karma is experienced
and neutralized.
But the one that initiated the ripple
has to bear the brunt of the misdeed.
The arrow of the archer
may destroy a person.
But the mischief of an intellectual
can destroy a community.
Intellectual aggression is to be feared
to mere physical aggression.
With the help of the One
decide the two,
and conquer the three.
With the help of the four
transcend the five,
know the six,
and relinquish the seven!
The tolerant one
has only one weakness.
He has no other.
His weakness is tolerance.
The people think that he is incapable.
He allows them to think so.
is the strength of the weak,
and is the ornament of the strong.
Through tolerance
one can conquer all that is.
Nothing is impossible
for the tolerant one.
The weapons of tolerance
are more powerful
than the weapons of war.
Tolerance consumes fire,
like the cool water.
Intolerance is the wild fire
that destroys all around oneself.
Dharma* is the only means to welfare.
is the only means to peace.
is the only means to contentment.
is the only means to Bliss.

*Dharma: the sacred Law.

There are only
two fallen ones upon the Earth:
one is the householder
who does not work with zeal,
the other is the mendicant
that works with zeal.
The King
that does not redress the "wrong",
and the Brahmin (Initiate)
that does not teach,
are unworthy to be on Earth.
The person
that is not pungent in speech,
and is not tolerant of evil,
is considered human.
There are
two mediocre ones in this world:
the one who desires
what others desire,
and the one who believes
what others believe.
The mediocre has no conviction.
The multiple desires of the poor,
and the anger of the incompetent
are the two sharp thorns
that drain the poor,
and the incompetent.
The poor that donates,
and the competent that tolerates,
are at the top of the heaven.
The double danger with money
lies in its non-availability
for deeds of goodwill,
and its availability
for deeds of evil.
The rich that does not donate
and the poor that does not introspect,
meet the "dead end".
The disciple that lives in Yoga,
and the soldier that dies in war,
transcend the Wheel of the world.
The seers spot the animal,
the human, and the divine
in the human beings.
Accordingly, they interact suitably.
Man destroys himself
through thieving,
aspiring for other's woman,
and through loss of friendship.
The gateways
to unhappiness are:
anger, vengefulness and miserliness.
Never let down
the one devoted to you,
the one that depends on you,
and the one who proclaims
to be yours.
The administrator
has to be friendly with the knowers,
cautious with the flatterers,
distant to excessive thinkers
and non-thinkers,
and detach from the stupid ones
at all times.
The householder
has to aid the relative that is aged,
the one in adversities,
the friend in poverty,
and the destitute sister.
silence, study of Scriptures,
and sacrifice,
not for social recognition
but for self-enlightenment.
with utmost veneration
the parents, the teacher, the fire,
and the Soul,
to fulfil the journey of life
upon Earth.
The one
who serves the Devas,
the Pitris, the humans,
the mendicants* and the guests,
gains undiminishing fame.
*Mendicant: a "Sanyasi" - a relinquished one.

The friends, the enemies,
the associates, the dependants,
and the dependable ones,
accompany you,
wherever you move.
The seeker of wealth
shall have to wriggle out of
excessive sleep, laziness, fear, hatred,
and excessive thinking,
to accomplish the purpose.
Abandon at once,
the teacher that does not guide,
the priest that does not recite
the Scriptures,
the leader that does not protect,
and the spouse that is
excessively critical.
Lack of fear and of jealousy,
patience and uprightness,
generosity and activity,
are the qualities
of the successful.
In-flowing wealth,
unaffected health,
co-operative spouse,
obedient son,
and useful knowledge,
are the pentagon of happiness.
The thieves live by others' laxity,
the doctors live by diseases,
the priests live by the theists,
the government lives by
the ungoverning,
the scholars live by the ignorant.
The cattle, the service, the cultivation,
and the friendliness
of the uncultured ones,
the application of knowledge,
and the attention to the wife,
need a constant vigil.
The disciple that gained knowledge,
the sons that married,
the man that enjoyed the lust,
the one that received help,
the one that crossed the river,
the sick that is cured,
tend to forget
the teacher, the mother, the woman,
the helper, the boat, and the doctor,
Health, absence of debts,
habitation in the native land,
association with men of goodwill,
self-employment, and fearless life,
are the six sources of happiness.
Jealousy, discontentment,
vengeance, doubt,
and dependency on others' wealth,
are the five sources of sorrow.
Weakness for woman,
gambling, hunting, alcoholic drinks,
pungent speech, punitive attitude,
and extravagance in expenditure,
are the seven vices.
Hatred towards the enlightened ones,
thieving the wealth of the saints,
belittling the men of wisdom,
rejoicing at their criticism,
admonishing their praise,
recklessness in approach to them,
are the symptoms of fall.
Meeting the friend,
abundant flow of wealth,
embrace of the son,
timely advice,
honour in the society,
fulfilment of aspiration,
social respect,
and mating with the lady
that one loves,
are the sources of instant happiness.
Intelligence coupled with virtues,
self-regulation, birth in a high family,
knowledge of the world Scriptures,
fearlessness, generosity, gratitude,
and regulated speech,
are the eight qualities
that let the person shine.
The human body
is a city of nine gates.
It has three pillars and five witnesses.
The dweller is within.
The one who knows the three
and the five
can experience the city.
Know the ten
who do not care the Law:
The drank, the mistaken, the mad,
the stressed, the vengeful, the hungry,
the hasty, the avaricious, the coward,
and the ever-desiring.
The one
who relinquishes excessive desire
and uncontrollable anger,
who has clear ability to discriminate,
who can intelligently deploy
the wealth,
who is knowledgeable
of the Scriptures,
and who does not delay action,
is a good governor.
The one
who gains people's confidence,
who is capable of rightly judging
and punishing the default,
and who knows to condone,
is a good governor.
The one
who does not insult the weak,
who waits with patience
in times of adversity,
who does not oppose
the one stronger than himself,
and who does not hesitate
to put down lawlessness,
is a good governor.
The one
who is not depressed
by the unfavourable trend of events,
who pursues in silence consistently,
and who forbears the ordeals of life,
is a good governor.
The one
who departs the family
without purpose,
who cultivates friendliness
with the undesirable,
who craves for contact with woman,
who is possessed of self-pride,
and who succumbs
to alcoholic drinks,
is a weak governor.
The one
who does not commence any act
in anger, who is inclined to truth in
speech, who does not indulge
in arguments with friends,
who is not infuriated by others' slight
(at him), who is equanimous and non-
critical, who is not at enmity with
who does not transgress the limits in
speech, who demonstrates patience
in disputes,
is the governor that shines forth.
The one
who is not showy in appearance,
who does not flatter himself,
who does not indulge in criticism,
is the one whom the world loves.
The one who does not inflame
a settled enmity,
who does not exhibit
arrogance in behaviour,
who does not escape from duty,
and who does not adopt
to questionable means in adversities,
is the one who is considered
to be an Aryan.
The one who is not excited
by accomplishment,
who does not rejoice
at others' calamities,
who does not repent
upon that which is donated by him,
is an Aryan.
The Devas
co-operate with the one
who conducts charity
and worship on a daily basis.
The one who associates,
cultivates friendship,
conducts transactions,
converses with equals,
does not with inferiors,
and follows the superiors,
is the wise one.
The one
who distributes to dependents,
limits self-requirements,
works more and sleeps less,
and helps even the enemy in distress,
is the wise one.
The one
who conceives thoughts of goodwill,
plans in detail, and acts in silence,
is the wise one.
The one
who strives for the welfare
of the beings, holds a soft nature,
speaks truth pleasantly,
and entertains noble thoughts,
is the wise one that shines forth
amidst the race.
The one
that repents at his mistakes,
holds the mind stable through contemplation
upon the unlimited light,
and keeps an open mind,
is the wise one.
Let not the mind engage
in conspiracy,
and in short term benefits,
gained through unlawful means.
Let not the mind weaken
at short term losses,
suffered through lawful means.
Let the mind ideate
the future consequences
of the present actions,
to "check-mate" the present attitudes
that bring future sufferings.
Let not prosperity
let loose the conduct.
Misbehaviour destroys prosperity,
like old-age destroys
the youthful beauty.
entices you to mishap.
Look at the fish
that entangles to the bait.
The wise one
eats that which is acceptable
and nourishing to the body.
Likewise, he does
that which is socially acceptable
and personally comforting.
Unripe fruit yields not juice.
Unripe action yields not
the desired result.
Ripened fruit, not only yields juice,
but also gives the seed
to further the species.
Mature actions, likewise,
give birth to series of acts of goodwill.
The honey-bee draws honey
pleasantly from the flower.
The wise man draws work
from others with equal skill.
Think before you plunge into action.
Accept the consequences
of your actions.
Foolish are those who act
without foreseeing the consequences.
Peevish are those who do not accept
the consequences of their own actions.
They do not adopt
the remedial actions.
Commence not
actions that yield no results.
Plant not
trees that yield not fruits or flowers.
Many not
a man who is poor.
Accept not
a master who is ever angry.
They cannot serve the purpose.
Wisdom lies in reaping bounties
through actions simple
and yet profound.
A good farmer knows
how to reap a rich harvest.
Let your looks of equanimity
enable the flow
of ever-nourishing Love and Light.
is never at exhibition.
It manifests through speech
and action, like a lightening,
and returns to the source.
Displayed wisdom
is susceptible to abuse.
Does not the ripened fruit
hide behind the leaves?
Control through fear is a beastly act.
There is always the danger
of a coup by the subjugated.
Contact through love is a divine act.
It allows freedom with responsibility.
It gives not scope for revolt.
The wise one
looks at the inheritance
as a responsibility
but not as a privilege.
The sense of privilege
depletes the inheritance.
The sense of responsibility
augments the splendour
of the inheritance.
The lawless governor
mutilates himself
like the leather in the fire.
is the quality of the aggressive.
Kingdom/property/ wealth,
gained and administered lawfully,
and even keeps growing.
As long as the Law
is the presiding principle,
the wealth diminishes not.
Intelligence lies in utilization.
There is no waste thing in creation
to the intelligent one.
He knows how to utilize,
and this brings forth
gold from the earth,
work from the lazy,
and service from the selfish.
Wisdom lies
in the intelligent collection of things
from nature.
The bird lives on grains
left out in the field,
through patient collection.
The wiseman lives on collection
of the wisdom statements
of the Initiates.
The Initiate lives with wisdom
as the basis.
The King lives with secret intelligence
as the basis.
The trader lives with money
as the basis.
Others live with that
which they seek in the world
as the basis.
is the cause of all suffering.
The wealth that one holds is meant
more for others than for himself.
The wisdom that one holds
is also meant for others,
than for himself.
The cow holds milk for others,
not for herself.
When resisted to offer,
they are put to suffering.
The one who bends
to the Law of nature
is not further bent.
Nature bends beings towards the Law
through time.
The iron is heated and struck
till it is moulded.
The rainy cloud
is the best friend to the cattle.
The minister
is the best friend to the king.
is the best friend to the Initiate.
The husband is the best friend to the wife.
The Law, the Truth,
the wisdom science,
its practice,
and the group of goodwill,
are the sources of protection.
The measure protects the paddy.
Nursing protects the horses.
Superintendence protects the cow.
Periods protect the woman.
Conduct courses one
to happiness or unhappiness
- be it a king or a common.
Conduct alone is responsible
for one's own
misery or mastery.
There is no respite
to the one who is jealous
of others' wealth, health, strength,
happiness, prosperity,
and of others' beauty.
The ornaments
augment the beauty of a person.
But there are persons
who are ornamental
even to the ornaments.
In the hands of the righteous,
the wisdom and the wealth
shine forth.
In the hands of others,
they are just ornamental.
When the unrighteous seek help,
the righteous help and forget.
But when the unrighteous
help the righteous,
they flatter themselves
to be greater than the righteous.
They look forward
to aggrandize themselves
at the slightest opportunity.
The Initiates rely
on the righteous only.
The righteous need to rely
on the righteous only.
Even the unrighteous need to relay
on the righteous at times of adversity.
But the righteous should never rely
on the unrighteous,
even in times of utter difficulty.
The one well dressed
gains the attention in a gathering.
The one well tuned to light
gains mastery over earthy objects.
The one who has a good vehicle
progresses well on the path.
The one who has good conduct
accomplishes all.
Good conduct
is the keynote of human life.
It steers life
towards fulfilment through time.
The one who lacks it,
is the "living dead".
The ones who get timely,
tasty, fresh and nourishing food,
are rich in life.
The others who work for it,
are poor in life.
The rich have plenty to eat;
but they cannot digest.
The poor can digest plenty,
but they do not get as much.
One needs to find the meeting point.
The low class
fear lack of food and shelter,
the middle class fear death,
the rich fear loss of wealth,
and the cultured fear ignominy.
Among all sources of pride,
the pride of riches is the worst.
It causes instant fall.
The senses engaged
in the sense objects
cause hindrance to the flow
of the Soul energy,
just as the transit planets
disturb the flow of the space energy
though their qualities.
Indulgence in the sense objects
causes depletion of the Soul energy.
The senses grow
from strength to strength
to bind the Soul to the Earth.
The king
that does not heed to the advice,
and the mind
that does not heed to wisdom,
are bound to fall through time.
Learn to see the enemies
in your thoughts
instead of seeing them in persons.
Weed out the inner enemies.
Then, even the outer enemies
are weakened.
The ability to tame the horses
that draw the chariot
decides the fate of one's travel.
The ability to train the senses
decides one's travel in life.
The wild horses
can even destroy the chariot.
The wild, untrained senses
can destroy the body.
In either case
the travel is hindered,
and the traveller is stranded.
The man driven by the sense objects
grows distant to the Law
and the purpose of life,
and loses the splendour,
the wealth, the family,
and even the life.
Unless a master of wealth
is also a master of senses,
he is bound to fall
from the coveted status.
Grip the Soul
with the help of the will.
Then, the Soul energy flows
into the mind,
and from the mind
into the senses and the body.
The Soul is the only friend
to the individual soul.
Wisdom is the Law
for the enlightened one.
The Law binds the beings
when wisdom is abandoned.
Excessive desire and anger
are the abettors for
abandonment of wisdom.
The one dominated by the senses
is already conquered
by the enemies-internal.
The enemies can conquer him
The righteous are affected
by the mere association
with the unrighteous.
The fruit rots in association
with a rotten one.
The selfish one cannot be
beyond jealousy,
straight forward,
pleasing in behaviour,
and stable.
The selfish one cannot be
and enlightened.
Harsh and critical speech
hurts people.
In turn it hurts
the speaker too, in time.
The ability to pardon a critical speech
elevates the subject
beyond the personality,
and settles him in the Soul awareness.
Silence is therefore a good response
to harsh and critical speeches.
Evil deeds
are the strength of the wicked.
is the strength of the governor.
is the strength of the woman.
is the strength of the virtuous.
If one is hurt physically,
the wound heals through time.
But if one is hurt vocally,
the wound remains for life.
The sharp speech hurts deeper
than a sharp arrow.
It not only hurts,
but humiliates the victim
days and nights.
The wise one
never therefore uses
the pungent speech.
Equanimity of mind
surpasses all spiritual practices,
and stands out
as a means for reflection
of the subtle upon the gross.
The lady that lost
the affection of the husband,
the gambler that lost money,
and the person that lies,
cannot have sound sleep.
The man that deviates from Truth
for earthly riches,
destroys himself as also his clan,
in due course of time.
The man who deviates
from the path of Truth
for the sake of his kith and kin,
and for the sake of earthly
destroys himself.
The Devas are unlike the shepherd.
They protect only the righteous,
and leave the unrighteous
to the consequence of their actions.
Goodwill should be the basis
for all actions,
to realize peace in this world,
and in the world beyond.
The Vedas* and their knowledge
are of no use (support or assistance)
to the one who is manipulative
at the thought world.
* Vedas: the "revelation", or "divine knowledge".
The fight, the vengeful attitude,
promotion of conflict
between the couple,
differences with the co-born,
working against the government,
and addiction to alcohol
are avoidable acts.
Wisdom disappears
from the wise one
through acts of ill-will,
just as daylight concedes
to the darkness of night.
The palmist,
the thief turned into businessman,
the superstitious one, the doctor,
the enemy, the friend and the actor,
are not desirable witnesses
in a court of Law.
Practice of mantras,
performance of Homa*
study of wisdom science,
and acts of goodwill,
continuously protect man.
If these are done for publicity,
they generate conflict in man.
*Homa: Fire ritual.

The one that sets fire to houses,
the one that poisons others,
the one that sells wisdom,
the one that prepares
deadly weapons,
the one that spreads conflict,
the one that belies others' confidence,
the one that molests a lady,
the one that causes abortion,
the one that desires the teacher's wife,
the wise one that drinks alcohol,
the one that persist to hurt,
the one that believes not
in the world beyond,
the one that slights the Scriptures,
the one in government
that collects bribes,
the initiate that doesn't sing Gayatri*,
the capable one that does not protect,
are criminals.
  *Gayatri: a most sacred Mantra of the Vedic
hymns addressed to the Lord of Omnipresence.

Fire reveals the objects in darkness.
Behaviour reveals righteousness.
Transaction reveals goodwill.
Bravery reveals in times of danger.
Poise reveals in times of adversities.
Friend or enemy reveals in times
of need.
Know them through
the appropriate occasions.
Old age destroys the bodily beauty,
avarice destroys stability,
death destroys life,
jealousy destroys righteousness,
anger destroys wealth,
association with
a "lowly person" destroys character,
desire destroys decency.
Pride destroys all.
Wealth generates
auspicious deeds.
Wealth grows
through intelligent action.
Wealth establishes
through capacity to sustain
good deeds.
Wealth remains when one remains
humble and serviceable.
Man shines forth through
intelligence, birth in noble family,
education, courage, pleasant speech,
generosity, self-restraint,
and gratitude.
Of the eight qualities,
four associate
with the man of goodwill.
The other four
need to be accomplished.
Acts of goodwill, generosity,
self-study, and contemplation,
associate with men of goodwill.

treading the path of righteousness,
equanimity, and compassion,
are to be accomplished.

The first set of four qualities
may be practised by some people
for social recognition.
But the second set of four qualities
is beyond those who hold not
to goodwill.
The court is not
when it contains not the wise.
The wise is not
when he is not emphatic of Dharma.
Dharma is not
when it carries not Truth,
and Truth is not
when it is covered by conceit.
Birth in noble family,
beauty in form,
truth in action,
study of wisdom science,
contemplation, good character,
mental and physical strength,
wealth, valour, and
pleasant expression,
lead man to heavenly life
upon Earth.
Indulging in acts of evil,
man eats the fruits of evil.

Indulging in acts of goodwill,
man enjoys the fruits of goodwill.

Acts of evil dim the light
of discrimination.

Devoid of light, the acts of evil
grow beyond proportions,
until they destroy the doer.

Acts of goodwill enhance
the light of wisdom,
and lead man
into the realms of light,
the subtle world of Divinity.
Jealousy, victimization,
unpleasant expression,
vengeance, and deceit,
are the seats of evil.
The wise draws wisdom
from the Initiates,
and treads a lighted way of life.

The ignorants
use the Initiates otherwise,
and hence cannot find the path
of life and light.
Qualitative action during the day
contributes to the comfort
of night's sleep.
Qualitative action meets
the providence of
the rainy season of life.
Qualitative action
during the middle age
contributes to the comfort
in the old age.
Qualitative action in life contributes
to the life after death
in a congenial way.
The food that is well digested,
the lady that is well behaved,
the warrior that wins,
and the aspirant that realises truth,
are honoured.
The wealth gained
through means unlawful,
disturbs the rhythm of life
in general.
The Master guides those
whose heart is open.
The King commands the subjects,
and even punishes the lawless.
The Lord of Death punishes those
who carry out acts of evil in secrecy.
One can never gauge
the wisdom of the Master,
the current of the river,
the power of the Seers,
and the patterns of reaction
of woman.
The King that
honours the Initiates,
harmonises the community,
distributes the resources
with discretion,
conducts well in the court,
rules the kingdom for long years.
The King that protects,
the teacher that guides,
the worker that serves,
and the businessman that distributes,
gather golden flowers
from the garden called "Earth".
The acts are four in kind:
the physical, the emotional,
the mental, and the super-mental.
One is superior to the other
in the given order.
Continuity of purpose,
poise, truthful and lawful nature,
and equanimity,
are the qualities of the Initiate.
The Initiate is undisturbed
of others' misbehaviour
towards him.
Consequently the misbehaviour
boomerangs to the source
of its emanation.
The Initiate indulges not in criticism
nor does he insult others.
He engages not in his personality
He speaks not to spread conflict.
Pungent speech is foreign
to his nature.
Pungent speech affects
the heart, the bones,
and burns up the life force.
Hence, the wise ones avoid
such speech as poison.
The hard-hearted one,
the sharp-tongued one,
the humiliating one,
and the incisively critical one,
are the toppers
among the low class of humans.
The Initiate
absorbs through silence
the sinful talks and actions
of the wicked,
and thereby weakens the latter.
Just as the cloth
covering the myrrh
gains the latter's fragrance,
the association with men of goodwill,
with men of evil,
with an aspirant
or with an Initiate,
enables transmission
of their respective qualities.
Initiate not, or indulge
in irresponsible talk.
Let not acts of lowly nature
initiate from you.
Learn to be tolerant.
The tolerant one is eagerly awaited
even in the heavenly abode.
Silence is better than speech.
Truthful speech is better than silence.
Pleasant expression of Truth
is better than mere truthful speech.
Let not pleasantness in expression
deviate from Truth.
Man becomes that
which he associates with,
and that which he strongly desires.
Man attaches to qualities,
to desires,
and to the world
through his interest towards them,
and detaches from them
through disinterestedness.
Man needs to gain the knowledge
of right attachment.
There is neither conquering
nor conceding,
neither praise nor insult,
neither aggression nor regression,
neither allegry nor sorrow,
neither enemy nor friend
to the "equi-poised" one.
He remains one in all
-but not as one to one.
The man that trusts not himself
does not trust the world.
The man that treads not truth
trusts not the Scriptures.
The man that sees not the Divine
in Creation
trusts not the Law.
Such man destroys himself through
Serve the men of wisdom
to remain in the splendour of life.
Serve not the mediocre ones
unless inevitable.
Serve not the evil
even if it is inevitable.
Man may gain money
through strength, through effort,
and through aggression.
But he cannot gain a place
in the hearts of the beings
unless his acts are hearty.
Acts of goodwill
gain the hearts of the beings.
The surrounding life submits
with all its qualities
to the man of goodwill.
are the qualities of the Divine,
the Divine among the human.
They are:
self contemplation,
self restrain, self knowledge,
sacrifice, conduct of sacraments,
wealth, and feeding the hunger.
service to parents,
loving understanding,
and truthful conduct,
are the qualities of the Divine
among the human.
Man falls through
inferior marital association,
non conduct of sacrificial acts,
aversion to the laws of nature,
indifference to the Scriptures,
abuse of wealth,
exploitation of the Teacher,
and through insulting the elders.
Man gains order
through study of Scriptures,
through serving the Initiates,
and through utilization
of his resources for others' welfare.
Good conduct
in the long run
gathers right wealth,
that bestows contentment.
Good conduct
is to be protected with effort
at all times.
The ignorants try to protect
wealth and fame.
The wise ones try to protect
good conduct.
There cannot be
lasting wealth, name and fame,
and knowledge,
when good conduct is lacking.
Abandon from your circle
any person who victimizes
an Initiate.
Such one is the source
of your fall.
The person of good conduct
lives only to serve
the surrounding life.
is the king of the qualities.
is the basis of friendship.
Fear and doubt
are enemies of friendship.
Where there is no trust,
there is only a superficial relation.
The inconsistent one,
the one that-does not serve the elders,
and the one who does not rely
upon discrimination,
cannot retain friendship.
Wealth disappears
from the hands of the one
who is indulgent,
ignorant, and inconsistent.
The clouds
move as per the wind.
The anger and the pleasure
of the wicked
are as unpredictable
as such clouds.
The flesh and blood of them
are unworthy to be touched
even by the animals.
Mental conflict
weakens the vitality,
dims the knowledge,
feeds the disease,
and mutilates the beauty
of the form.
Sorrow does not enable
accomplishment of the desired.
It bums the body.
it pleases the enemies.
entertainment of sorrow
is foolish.
Man is born repeatedly.
He dies repeatedly.
He grows, develops, and retreats.
He begs many times.
He responds to others' begging.
He weeps for others,
and is the object of others' weeping.
There are series of sequences
of events
which bring in
happiness and unhappiness,
profit and loss,
birth and death.
No one is an exception
to this sequence.
Therefore, the wise one
neither swells nor depletes
with the events.
of the six holes
to the path of wisdom.
They are
the five senses
and the objective mind.
The holes drain the wisdom
unless regulated.
Peace is incompatible
with avarice, sensuousness,
lack of introspection, and ignorance.
dispels fear.
bestows stability.
Serving the Teacher
bestows knowledge,
and Yoga bestows
peace and poise.
is a reality to the one who transcends
the pair of likes and dislikes.
Such state
is more natural and normal
than the liberation attempted
through donations,
and study of the Scriptures.
When you are tensed-up
due to internal conflict,
neither the comfort of bed,
nor the comfort of woman,
or the comfort of praise,
neutralize the tension.
keeps man away from
the law, peace, poise,
as also from the comfort of mind.

Friendly advice
is bitter to them.
Wealth is associated
with cattle.
Knowledge is associated
with the Initiate.
Inconsistency is associated
with woman.
Fear is associated
with equals.
is the vanity
demonstrated upon
the Initiate, the woman,
the friend, and upon the cow.
Fall is certain
to such vanity.
The tree standing alone,
however strong,
can be uprooted by the gale.
the man standing aloof, however strong,
can be defeated by enemies.
Never affect the life of
the Initiates, the infants,
the women, the cows, the host,
the relatives, and the ones
who seek protection.
Health and wealth
are the two wings
that enable the flight of life.
Poverty affects the flight,
and disease kills it.
Lift up from self-pity
to be in peace.
Self-pity is distasteful,
worse than sickness,
makes life heavy,
turns man rigid,
causes aversion to friends,
and stimulates wrong actions.
It is unworthy to fall
into self-pity.
Sickness is the real ill-luck.
It causes continuous worry.
It does not enable enjoyment
of wealth.
It grows averse to wisdom.
Sickness is avoidable
through right behaviour.
Dharma (the Law)
should be acted upon at once.
There should not be delay
in dharmic action.
It is not Dharma (Adharma)
to exploit the soft-natured beings.
Such exploitation depletes gradually
the wealth of the exploiter.
Protection of the soft
opens the doors of fortune
for generations.
One cannot straighten the rainbow,
nor can he bend the sunray.
Likewise, Righteousness cannot be
Man leads himself
towards the path of sorrow by,
1) commanding the superiors
2) serving the enemy
3) praising himself, and
4) opposing the one
stronger than him.
Man leads himself
towards the path of sorrow by,
1) lack of contentment,
2) insulting women,
3) seeking favours from the
unworthy, and by
4) desiring the undesirable.
Man leads himself
towards the path of sorrow by,
1) teaching the indifferent ones,
2) planting seeds in others' fields,
3) seeking good from the evil ones,
4) by refusing to fulfil the promises.
The thorn in the foot
is plucked out with the thorn only.
Strategy should be met
by strategy only.
Meet the other at the same level
as the other meets you.
Desire knows
no decency.
Serving the wicked
one's own character.
Pride, Irresponsible speech,
fury, anger, selfishness,
unlawful acts,
and breaching the trust
are the five weapons
that cut short the longevity.
Death overtakes him.
One conquers death,
if he
is generous and soft in disposition,
eats only sacrificial food,
does not hurt,
follows the Law,
obeys the wisdom teachings,
is truthful in action,
is of unquestionable conscience,
and comprehends the "One" in all.
There are many
who speak pleasant though not truth.
There are few
who speak truth though not pleasant.
The latter are friends in spirit,
while the former are worldly.
The one that lives in the Law
advises when asked,
and his advice is in tune
with the welfare of the questioner.
He who cares not
if the advice is bitter
to the questioner,
is a real helper.
The doctor cares not
if the appropriate medicine prescribed
is bitter to the patient.
Such ones are real helpers.
Prefer the community to a person.
Prefer the village to a community.
Prefer the nation to a village.
Prefer the Earth to a nation.
Abandon the part
if necessary,
for the sake of the whole.
Do not entertain
manipulative persons
in preference to the "leonine" ones.
Manipulation leads to sorrow,
in the long run.
Success of one depends upon
his ability to choose the advisers,
and also his readiness
to follow the given advice.
Many listen but do not act.
Treat the adviser
as you treat yourself.
A good arbitrator is one
who is capable but not proud,
timely in action, compassionate,
decent in behaviour,
healthy in disposition,
incorruptible, skilful,
and tactful in speech.
Do not confront evil
without weighing the consequences.
Strategy and opportunity
are the keynotes
to meet and put down evil.
The King that is not stern,
the lady that has not the character,
and the man dismissed
from a high office,
are unfit for strategic transactions.
The man that bathes
during the dawn and the dusk hours
gains strength, beauty, good speech,
good sense of touch, purity,
splendour, softness,
and even the friendliness
and confidence
of ladies of high honour.
The man that regulates
the habit of intake (food)
gains health, longevity,
strength, happiness,
and progeny devoid of sickness.
Do not entertain at home
the lazy, the glutton,
the one that hates the world,
the manipulative, and the pretenders.
They blot your awareness.
Do not seek help
from the miser, the talkative,
the foe, the brute, the gambler,
the protector of the lowly,
the non-compassionate,
the vengeful, and the ungrateful.
Let not the overactive,
the forgetful, the liar, the faithless,
the unfriendly,
and the self-praising ones
gather around you.
Those who assist you,
seek benefits from you.
Seek not assistance without
Give to receive
and receive only to give.
Such is the law in Creation.
Poor is the parent
that depends upon the progeny.
Rich is the parent
that shows the path to the progeny
to live in honour,
and thereafter retires into solitude.
Acts involving general welfare,
yielding, self-contentment,
promising a better tomorrow,
are the acts recommended to be done.
Fear of livelihood
exists not where there is hard work,
clear decision, power in execution,
pious disposition, and peaceful
Evil-minded are disinclined
to know the virtues of others.
Divine-minded are disinclined
to know the vices of others.
If you wish lofty accomplishments,
you need to base upon noble conduct.
Noble conduct develops
the magnetic field
that in turn attracts good luck
by way of inflow of right resources.
The clean mind
is capable of discrimination
of natural and unnatural thoughts
in himself and in others.
Link the desire to the Law;
then the resources flow in.
Link not the desire
to the resources.
Devoid of Dharma (the Law)
the resources deplete.
Link the resources that flow in
to Dharma;
the desire remains regulated.
The one who contains
anger and excitement,
and who remains stable in adversities
is fit to hold fortunes.
The five strengths of the human are:
1) strength of self-awareness,
2) strength of wisdom and wealth,
3) strength of the family lineage,
4) strength of good advisers, and
5) strength of hands.
Each of the five strengths is stronger
than the other in their ascending
order. (From n. 5 to n. 1)
Never underestimate
the impending danger
from the one warring against you.
Let not pride,
want of money,
opinion of associates,
deter you
from respecting the man of wisdom.
It is the Law
that thou shall not sell salt,
thou shall not sell food,
and thou shall not sell wisdom.
The mendicant is one
who conquered anger,
gained equanimity,
overcame sorrow,
neutralized the polarities in him,
and is peaceful.
The arms of the righteous
are longer than they appear.
They reach out
to affect the wicked.
Do not repose confidence
in infidels.
Also not completely confide
in any
if you are an administrator.
An administrator should believe
in himself
more than believing others.
One is considered (hu)manly,
if he has overcome jealousy,
protects the dependants,
speaks pleasant,
is admired by the people,
and is not influenced by any,
including the ladies.
The women in the house
are a representation
of the Divine Mother.

They need to be attended to
with love and tenderness.

They need to be protected
as one would protect wealth.
The wise one
organizes to conduct business
through assistants,
and to worship the Initiates
through progeny.
that fire is latent in the water/
valour is latent in the Initiate,
and metal is latent in the stone.
They emerge in emergency.
The man of wisdom
remains hidden
like the fire in the wood.
The King
whose strategy is unknown
to the ones within
and outside the palace,
remains successful.
Speak of acts of goodwill done.
Speak not of the acts of goodwill
to be done.
Let actions speak.
Let not speeches be made
about actions.
The personal adviser
needs to be
not only wise
but also friendly.
A friend who is not wise,
and a wise one who is not friendly
cannot be given the status
of personal adviser.
The man that looks into his actions,
and verifies his accounts
on a daily basis,
never falls from wealth.
The Initiate knows the Initiate.
The lady knows her man.
The minister knows the King.
The King knows the King.
Let not your anger target at
the Devas,
the Initiates,
the King,
the old,
and the infants.
The man whose grace and anger
are infructuous,
is unfit to be administrator,
just as the eunuch is unfit
to be husband.
Neither wisdom nor ignorance
is the means of wealth.
There are wise who are not wealthy
and ignorant who are wealthy.
Mysterious is the means of wealth.
The knowledgeable one
knows that in this world
things are topsy turvy.
Only the stupid ones
heckle at wisdom,
character, and wealth.
Ignorance, misconduct, jealousy,
hasty speech, and anger
are the gateways for calamities
to approach oneself.
Generosity that knows
no manipulation,
conduct that does not exceed limits,
and speech that is appropriate,
is the triplicity that opens
the gates for co-operation
of the beings.
The capable
that does not manipulate,
the grateful, the righteous,
and the one of soft character,
never lose the support
of associates,
even in times of adversity.
Regulated mind, sense of stability,
purity, kind disposition,
and pleasant speech
augment a man's wealth.
Do not serve a man that is
selfish, shameless,
ungrateful, evil-minded,
or that eats for himself.
The ones that respond
to the times of need,
and remain distant at other times,
are the true knowers.
They are unlike the
over-bearing vampires.
The man who falls
for the flattery of the gamblers,
for the prostitutes,
and for the flatterers,
has little future.
The luck or ill-luck of a person
is beyond rational.
Man cannot master them.
Wisdom recommends one
to accept
that which is offered by life.
Even Jupiter,
the Lord of Speech,
suffers insult
from unthoughtful speech.
ensure right speech.
Some are admired
of their generosity.
Some others are admired
of their flowery speech.
Yet others are admired
of their power/wisdom.
But the admirable-natured
are ever admired.
Be admirable.
When you dislike a person,
you do not wish
to cognize his virtues.
When you like a person,
you do not wish
to cognize his vices.
Either way
your judgement suffers error.
The wise do not respect
the growth tinged with manipulation.
Such growth is bound to fall.
They respect rather the suffering
that paves way to healthy growth.
The suffering
that leads to prosperity
is no suffering.
But the prosperity
that leads man
to suffering
is unworthy.
Some are rich in wealth,
some others are rich in virtues.
If you need to choose,
choose the latter
in preference to the former.
The righteous
cannot be passive
to acts of evil
done to beings.
Do not associate with people
that criticize others,
inflict others,
and promote conflict.
Never seek obligations
through such people.
Keep away from criminals
at once,
lest you get implicated
one way or the other.
The evil-minded is not contented
with your suffering.
He pursues
until you are eliminated.
The one that assists
the poor, the weak,
the destitute, and the sick,
prospers with his progeny
for a long time.
Help the friends
and relatives around you
without expectation.
It rewards you well
in the long run
in unexpected ways.
Do not count upon their merits
when you help.
The one
who wishes to be happy
shall have to assist
those surrounding him
to be happy.
The actions
that lead you to utter sorrow
should be avoided
right away.
Council the conscience on this.
If the listener is deaf,
it is wise not to speak.
If the student is disinclined,
it is wise not to teach.
If the consultee is closed in mind,
it is wise that the counsellor
does not advise.
Wisdom tells us
not to initiate actions
that cause
unhappy consequences.
Pride, negligence,
reliance upon the unreliable,
excessive sleep,
and unclever messenger,
are the gateways
for strategic failures.
No man can grow wise
unless he serves an Initiate,
and studies Scriptures
under the tatter's guidance.
The advice to the disinclined,
the teaching to the non-seeker,
and the article sunk in the ocean,
are wasted for ever.
Consult your experience,
verify with your knowledge,
enquire from well-wishers,
ascertain yourself,
and infer for yourself,
whenever you launch upon
a long-term association.
Humility eliminates ignominy.
Courage eliminates crisis.
Patience eliminates anger.
Good conduct eliminates fall.
A man's culture
can be gazed through
the place of birth,
the family,
the food he eats,
the clothes he wears,
the personal effects he carries,
and above all,
by the way he speaks.
The man that transcends
the bodily conditioning
accepts that which is offered
to the body.
The others live by
the bodily demands.
It is wise to take good care
of a friend who is righteous,
who has many good friends,
who is admired in general,
and who carries
a tongue of good report.
Do not judge a man by his birth
(in low or high family).
Judge him by his conduct.
The man that does not trespass
the soft-natured,
the righteous in behaviour,
and feels ashamed at unsocial acts,
is a high soul
regardless the birth-status.
When there is agreeability
in conscience,
in confidence,
and in awareness,
friendship survives.
Abandon friendship
with such person
whose motives are impure,
who lacks in discrimination,
whose heart is not transparent.
Abandon friendship
with such person
who is head-strong,
and negligent.
Friendship demands
gratefulness, uprightness,
morality, love,
stable mind, courage,
to stand by in adversities,
and non-exploitation.
Self-restrain is nobler
than conquering death.
Poking into others' affairs
destroys even the divine.
The righteous
desire to regain lost wealth
through righteousness.
Man loses not the track of life
if he is alert of the present,
aware of the past,
and the consequence
of the future.
The thought
that a man holds constantly
is the one that holds him,
moulds him, and leads him.
hold the thought
of goodwill.
with men of goodwill
implants the seeds of goodwill
in you.
is the keynote
of success.
is the keynote
of the competent for glory.
Enjoy the pleasure things
that do not hinder the Law.
does not stay stable
with persons who are negative
in their attitude,
who disbelieve the world beyond,
who are lazy,
and who are indulgent.
The good-natured
are considered weak
by the wicked.
does not stay stable
with the risky person.
The Goddess of Wealth
is like a mad cow
that moves vaguely.
The purpose of wealth
is to enjoy and to help.
The purpose of Scriptures
is to inspire
for self-transformation.
The purpose of rituals
is to systematize oneself.
The wealth
gained through wrong means
is never useful
to right purposes.
Men of poise are unaffected
even in impending danger,
in disheartening situations,
in the worst adversities,
and in dangerous pathways
of the wild forests.
is the strength of the mendicant.
is the strength of the realized.
is the strength of the virtuous.
is the strength of the wicked.
Water, roots, fruit, milk,
obedience to the Teacher,
tonic for health,
support the one on task.
In a nutshell,
Dharma is
"Not doing that which you do not
want others to do unto you".
Conquer anger with peace,
evil with goodness,
miserliness by donation,
and untruth by truth.
Never rely on the man
that molests woman, the lazy,
the timid, the furious, the proud,
the thief, and the ungrateful.
The one that always serves
the elders as also the Initiates,
grows in span of life,
in fame, and in strength.
Let not the mind entangle in tasks
difficult to achieve,
that tempt you to wrong means,
and lead you
to compromise with evil.
The man without education,
the family life in conflict,
the progeny without food (to eat),
and the kingdom without the king,
are pitiable.
Travel deteriorates the body.
The water-flow
deteriorates the banks.
Excessive speech deteriorates
the mind.
Non-practice is death to knowledge.
Lack of self-restrain
is death to the Initiate.
Untruth is death to man.
Estrangement is death to woman.
Excessive desire leads all to death.
Gold excretes silver,
silver excretes copper,
copper excretes mercury,
and mercury excretes excrete!
The fuel for the fire,
the alcohol for the drunkard,
and the sleep for the lazy, '
are insatiable.
The accomplished one
shares with the friend,
feeds the family to fulfilment,
and eliminates opposition.
The beings live by nature's support.
The cobbler, the barber, the potter,
the trader, the soldier, the King,
all are supported
-one way or the other.
living for livelihood is ignorance.
All the wealth of the planet Earth
is not equal to a man of wisdom,
for he is not enchanted
by its treasures, namely,
the precious minerals and metals,
the crops, the animals, the cattle,
and the woman.
The subjects of the kingdom
are like the children to the King.
The real King treats alike
his children and the subjects
in relation to administration
of the Law.
The wise one
lives not on others' administration.
He lives to accomplish
acts of goodwill,
while admiration may follow him
as a shade.
Admiration carries criticism
as its shade.
The one who looks for admiration
should be ready to face
the criticism too!
One should abandon
An unlawful act
However grand it may be,
just like the snake
that sheds its sheath
as it wears out.
Lest it would be deadly.
Victory through unlawful means,
Miserliness of a king,
An imprisoning a man of wisdom,
are unparalleled acts of evil.
Disinclination to serve,
and thoughtless action
arise out of utter ignorance.
To the self-transforming aspirants,
the following are the obstacles:
laziness, pride, mistake,
fickle-mindedness, non-adaptability,
arrogance, and miserliness
To the one who seeks wisdom/
comfort should be secondary.
To the one who seeks comfort/
wisdom is beyond reach.
Wisdom and personal comfort
do not move hand in hand.
Avarice destroys peace and poise.
Time destroys the body.
Anger destroys wealth.
Miserliness destroys reputation.
Lack of surveillance destroys cattle.
The anger of the righteous
destroys a nation.
Manu Vaivasvata*
recommends the following
to be held by the householder:
I) cattle, II) sandalwood,
III) Veena,** IV) mirror,
V) honey, VI) ghee,***
VII) metal, VIII) copper vessel,
IX) conch, X) sacred stone,
XI) cow dung.
They are auspicious for use
during the worship of
Devas, Initiates, and guests.
  * Vaivasvata: the Manu of the 5th Root-race. ** Vina or Veena: musical instrument. ***Ghi or Ghee: clarified butter.

Do not abandon the Law
for the sake of desire,
fear, possessiveness,
and even for the sake of life.
The Law and the Soul are eternal.
Associate with the Law,
and be in Soul awareness.
It gives contentment and plenitude.
Disassociation with the Law
detaches you from the Soul,
and imprisons you
in the fabric of Creation.
The King of glory pass on,
leaving the kingdoms and the glory.
The wealthy too pass on,
leaving behind the wealth
for others' enjoyment.
The householder also passes on,
leaving behind the kith and kin.
All that the individual carries
with him
is the merit or demerit of his actions
as seeds for future experience.
Beyond the mind
there is the world of light.
Below the mind
there is the world of magical illusion.
Mind has access
to either of the two worlds.
Appropriate use of mind and senses
enables one to be in light.
Otherwise, illusion prevails.
The individual life
is like that of a sacred river.
The individual is Truth represented.
Truth is like the ocean.
The quality of Truth is stability.
The river joining the ocean
becomes stable.
So too, the individual
joining the Truth,
gains stability.
Consult the Law,
the conscience, and the Teacher
before you embark
upon significant actions.
the stomach and the genitals
with will.
Protect the body with the eye.
Protect the eye and the ear
with the mind.
Protect the mind and the speech
with acts of goodwill.
There is no fall for the aspirant
that bathes daily, prays punctually,
studies Scriptures regularly,
eats not unholy food, speaks truth,
and serves goodwill.
Sacrifice for the welfare
of the meek and the weak,
for the sake of the Law,
and for the sake of the righteous,
leads one to the realms of light.
Intelligent utilization
of resources through business
for the good of the society
enables the businessman
to walk into the realms of light.
The employed
that serves the society in variety
also treads the path to light
by serving the society
through employment.
Welfare is the keynote
of activity in Creation.
Let welfare of beings prevail
in all walks of your life.
You are then bound to be in light.
Let not malice overtake you.
Let not worldly profits
tempt you to unlawful ways.
Let welfare prevail.
Let light prevail.
Be virtuous for your sake.
Do not market them.
It is wise to resign
from the work that breeds conflict,
and inflicts the worker,
however splendours the work is.
If one is to choose
between the Law and the life,
better choose the former to the latter.
Life devoid of Law
is unworthy of living.
Uphold the Law in Creation.
The Law upholds you
at the levels of Creation.
The Law is the Lord in Creation.
The Lord exists as the Law (Dhanna)
in Creation.
Follow the Law
and visualize the Lord.
* * *
First Edition: 1997
Copyright: Dhanishta

The World Teacher Temple / Dhanishta
Radhamadhavam, 14-38-02
Muppidi Colony
Visakhapatnam - 530 022
Andhra Pradesh - India


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