Tuesday, 11 February 2014


As you embark upon a new path, let us wish you many moments of happiness, s

 u  ccess and achievements. May in each moment you live your dreams. 
The hardest thing to do is to say goodbye but at least it has a ‘good' attached to it that promises a better tomorrow. 
Our evenings are farewells. Our parties are testaments. So that the secret stream of suffering. May warm the cold of life.
The tiring office hours seemed much more relaxed when you were around. You will be missed with every passing day. But let that not take you down. All the best for your future endeavours.

A wave of hand, few drops of tears,
Never thought of farewell all these years,
Smile always and keep in touch- I say to all my peers!

Not always do you find a friend in a colleague. But here I was lucky. Hope we retain this friendship even after you have moved out. Bidding you goodbye with the hope to meet you soon.

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