Saturday, 15 February 2014

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        Life is not for fluttering but to fly high altitude
Upset and disturbing dreams we should see to achieve our goal.we should awake our efficiency and live a courageous life because our life is not for fluttering but to fly high altitude. ‘Indaminable spirit’Dr.A P J ABDUL KALAM advises to the generation to swim opposite direction and develop our skills and efficiencies to get the out most result.He says that awaken mind is the best instrument on this Earth which is belonged to the youth only and we know awaken mind always developed the nation.                                                                      
          It is the long history of humankind man did not defeat before the problems but always played the role of winner because of that spirit scientists invented impossible things.The success which got through their efficiencies and will power. They had kept the will power to change the world.Therefore we should also keep it in our mind to develop our co   we should keep in our mind that     we should keep in our mind that                                                   Worlds disbelief,corruption,violence,fear,hate can not go away without self-relience.  self-confidence brings bravery and remains permanent to go ahead.Everyone has some hidden qualities,we have only to open-up for better task.So we should recognize our efficiency and skill and win our battle of life.  


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