Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Help me go home.

Help me go home - DFC Singapore Story Presentation Transcript

  • Project Help Me Go Home Our story of Change from Crescent Girls’ School, Singapore Implementation Week: 9 th to 15 th August 2010 Zoe Fan, Ada Ong , Geraldine Wong, Jacqueline Gwee Mentor Teacher : Ms Namita Sarbahi.
  • Briefing of the volunteers to tell them about the cause, and how to sell the pins.
  • Our lovely volunteers!
  • Our lovely volunteers!
  • Our lovely volunteers!
  • What volunteers said…
    • “ I think you guys did a good job, and street sales was very fun” –Lai Shumin
    • “ It teaches me how important even a dollar can make change to a person's life and that by volunteering/donating, one can help to make another person's life better” –Sng Kai Lin
    • “ Knowing that we are actually helping someone in need really warms my heart!” –Natalia Kusumo
    • “ Before this, I have never heard of VAI patients before, but I am glad to make a difference to them.” –Quek Shu Hui
    • “ At first, I did not really care about these VAI patients but through this project, I have learnt a lot about them as well as helped them.” –Grace Yeo
      • On the day itself, our friends from various classes came to help us wash the cars.
      • We split them up into wet and dry teams for more efficiency.
      • Then, we briefed our friends about how to wash the cars correctly.
    Charity Car Wash!
  • After the car wash..
      • We received a considerable amount of positive feedback from parents and teachers about the carwash service we provided:
      • “ My car is sparkly now”
      • “ You clean better than the petrol stations!”
      • “ Will you be here next week, as I would like to come again to have my car washed”
    • All of our friends enjoyed washing the cars too!
  • How we were ‘Changed’
      • Throughout this whole project, we have got to know more about ourselves; our strengths and our weaknesses . In addition to that we became closer as a team and as friends .
      • This project gave us a golden opportunity to understand the needs of our community and to promote volunteerism to the youths in this world , including us!
      • We have benefitted much from this project. For example, we learnt about the importance of teamwork , and how to improve on our plans and ideas to get the most out of it.
      • We also felt that this whole project has been challenging, yet fulfilling . It has given us plenty of real-world experience we would otherwise not have obtained.

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