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Swami Atmaramji.

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  1. First time after attainningthe age of 58 years swamji Completed 23000 Kms. Walking on 12 th june1899 Duration 2 year carrying nothing with him except Clothes that he wore
  2. Second Pedestal Pilgrimage completed 17000 Kms. From12th Aug 2001 to 12 th Aug.2003at the age of 62 year Duration 2 year.
  3. Third Pedestal Pilgrimage completed 12000 Kms. From 12th Aug-2004 to 12th Aug-2007 at the age of 66 yearDuration 20 months.
  4. Fourth Pedestal Pilgrimage completed 12800 Kms. From7th -july 2009 to 7th March-2011 at the age of 72 year Duration 20 months
  5. Fifth Pedestal Pilgrimage is doing 10200 Kms. From11th -March 2013 to 11th November-2014at the age of 74 year Duration 20 months .Thus Swamiji at his age of 75 years will complete total pedestal pilgrimage 75000 kms (64800+10200=75000)
  1. Twelve Jyotirlings
  2. Seven Holy cities
  3. Four Shankrachary Piths
  4. Four great Dham : Dwarika, Badrinath,Jagnnathpuri & Rameswar Swamiji has done Pedestal Pilgrimage Fourt times of the above holly places. And fifth is under action.
  5. Circulating pilgrimage of India
  6. Four Metropolitan cities of India
  7. Ramdevra,Vaisnodevi. Kailash Mansarovar
  8. Four great Dham of Himalayas (a) Gangotri (b) Janmotri © Kedarnath(d) Badrinath
  9. Circulating pilgrimage of Narmada and Saryu Rever
  10. Braj Chorasi ,Chitrakut, Ayodhiya,Kashinagari’s circulating Pilgrimage and Hemkundsahib & SuwaranMandir (Amritsar).
Swamji Done First 23000 Kms. Second 17000 Kms.,Both Started from West of India Third was form North of 12000 Kms.,and Fourth From East of 12800 Kms,Thus Total is 64800 Kms.( Sixty four Thousands Kilometer within 20 State of India Fifth Pedestal Pilgrimage is doing 10200 Kms. Is under Action from south of India In the following State

(1)Tamilnadu (2)Andhra Pradesh (3) Maharashtra (4) Madhyapradesh (5) Uttarpradesh (6) Uttarkhand (7)Uttarpradesh (Second Time) (8) Madhyapradesh (Second Time) (9) Gujarat (10) Maharashtra(Second Time) (11)Tamilnadu (Second Time). Swamiji Walked Four times in the above State and Fifth Times Swamiji Walked Once in these (1)Rajsthan (2) Hariyana(3) Panjab(4) himachal(5) Kashmir(6) Delhi(7) Bihar(8)Kerala(9) Goa Under Action. While Swamiji Walked Once in these (1)Rajsthan (2) Hariyana (3) Panjab (4) himachal(5) Kashmir (6) Delhi (7) Bihar (8)Kerala (9) Goa
  1. The best path and ultimate goal of human life is to achive God(Soul) which can be achieved by devotion God penance (Tap)and selfknowledge (Atmagyan)Keeping this principal inmind.Swamiji have doneFirst 23000 Kms. Pedestal pilgrimage without carryingNothing with him except clothes he wore
  2. Second,third,fourth and this fifth Pedestal pilgrimageIs being done to spread over message ofIndia’s eternalReligion (Sanatan) Indian culture, devotion for God,Penance ,and self knowledge for the human being Taking help of medias
  3. Swamji has devoted his life towards spreading The massage of ideal living &thinking for word Peace
Names of Holy Monks/Sants who had done such Holy pedestal pilgrimage for the same aims in the past Now history repeats.
  1. Shri Balbhadraji (Dauji)
  2. Shri Vidurji
  3. Shri Jagadguru Sankarachary
  4. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji
  5. Shri Vallabhacharyaji
  6. Shri Ramanuj Swamiji
  7. Shri Bhagwan Swaminarayan
  8. Shri Vivekanandji
  9. Shri Ramanand Swamiji 1 to 9 Sanatan Religious
  10. Shri Mahavir Swamiji ( Jain Religious )
  11. Shri Bhagawan Buddha ( Baudh Religious )
  12. Shri Nanak Dev Maharaj ( Sikh Religious )
Now Swamiji is doing same task in these Fifth Walkings taking inspiration from the above Monks/ Sants

  1. Swami Atmaramji is the more bles student (Shishya) of Shri Maha Mandleswar,His Holiness P. P. Abhiramdas Tyagiji whose main Ashram (Maths) is Ramanand Sant Ashram at Risikesh with six branches in other parts of India.
  2. Swamiji is not taking foods (I.C. Roti /Bread, Rice, Dal etc.) Since 30 years but living on milk, Fruits and vegetables only.
  3. After attaining the age of 58 years Swamiji started walking and completed fifty two thousand Kilometer.
  4. Swamiji begun Pedestal pilgrimage after 58 Year age and walked 62800 Kms. Within 20 States of india in his age of 72 years and doing fifth walkings of 10200 Kms. Thus Swamiji is going to complete 75000 Kms. Walkings at his age of 75 years
  5. Swamiji do not ask for donation but except it if given voluntarily & utilizes donation for poor student by Giving studyBooks and scolaship etc. SWAMIJI TRUST A/C. NO. SBI (RAJKOT)30808440849
  1. Birth:- Vishavadar City of District of Gujarat State in India
  2. Education:- B.A.L.L.B. Age 23 years (as on 17-08-2012) Swamiji have toured 20 Foreign conteris To spread over message of sanatan religion and high human lifevliving.
  3. Swamji has taken bath in all Holy Rivers of India i.c. Ganga,Jamuna,Saryu,Bhima,Sarasvati and four Holly Tank ( Narayan Sarover, Bindu Sarovar Man Sarovar and Ganga Sagar)
  4. Swamiji’s Guruji (Teacher) Abhiramdas Tyagiji Maharaj, All Sankarachary Maharaj, Pramukh Swami (Swaminarayan Religioun) President Monk Society ( Sadhu Samaj ) of India and also other Great Sants have joined with Swamiji in the form of blessing for this act of penanceful pilgr

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