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2.The problems of common man.

Rising Prices : Problem For Common Man

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Rising Prices : Problem For Common Man

The object of government in peace and in war is not the glory of rulers or of races, but the
Happiness of common man. (William Beveridge)

My brother- in- law, professor at Nottingham University UK, visited India after a gap of two years. He was shocked to know the prices of all essential commodities are soaring high up in the sky without any check.

Further he continued interesting lecture on hiking the price on essential commodities, Newton's theory of gravity say that anything that goes up is bound to come down. Wish the theory was applicable here, but unfortunately this theory is not applicable to price rise. It will keep rising and never come down. It is the responsibility of the Government to check Inflation and Price rise of essential commodities.

He asked me a very simple question, is the Government justified in hiking the price of essential commodities?

Thanks my dear professor. At least you are the one who has asked me this question after a long time.

Now let me ask you all, did any Government ever ask the consumers whether they are ready for a price hike?

Generally we are silent majority, that's why the prices of all commodities are soaring high up in the sky without any check. With inflation rate rising, pulses, food grains, vegetable prices sky-rocketing. None of us are prepared to accept another price rise in the case of essential commodities, at least at this stage.

The price of petrol, pulses, food grains, milk etc has already reached the maximum level. The recent proposal in price hike of milk by rupees 3 has come up as another bad news for the common man, who is facing immense problem because of the price rise.

India with a large vegetarian population, Like Fruit and vegetables, milk, can be a very useful element in the diet of the people. Unfortunately, in India, dairying is in a backward condition, and has not received the attention it deserves. Poor quality cattle, insufficiency of feeds and fodder, high incidence of disease and lack of organised production, improper handling of milk and milk products are problems requiring urgent attention.

The government will shortly consider a proposal that it give up control of fuel prices, the oil minister said, a move which would ease pressure on government finances and improve earnings of oil retailers. The immediate impact may be a short term increase in the fuel prices.

The experts group, headed by former Planning Commission member Kirit Parikh, recommended deregulating of petrol and diesel prices, while raising kerosene and domestic LPG rates by Rs 6 per litre and Rs 100 per cylinder, respectively.

Is economics more important than common man's interest?

Oil companies profits might have narrowed, but they are not in loss at all. What the government & panellists are trying to say that these companies are being heavily subsidised and they cannot manage without that.

Then how it is possible that in all the neighbouring countries petrol is available for a cheaper price than in India. Be it Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Nepal. Government should find the ways in providing subsidies for the poor and taxing the rich. At least the LPG cylinders can be delivered to poor at cheaper rates and the rest and unsubsidized rates. Government should take some concrete measure for controlling present rising prices

It is very sad that Government has no consideration over the hard difficulties being faced by the common man due to the sharp hike in prices of essential commodities. Hence, it is out of question whether the people of this country are ready to accept the future hikes in essential commodities, pulses, petroleum products or milk price. They are forced to accept it as there is no other option before them.

Leaders need to be strong enough to shoulder responsibilities, but sensitive enough to understand the common man's problems.

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